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October 15, 2012

PHMSA Releases Research Announcement for Pipeline Safety Projects and Consolidated Programs

As follow-up to the July 2012 Joint Industry-Government Pipeline Research Forum, PHMSA has released a Research Announcement that identifies 20 separate topics that are being considered for government R&D funding (DTPH56-13-RA-000001). Through the Research Announcement, PHMSA is requesting White Papers to define research projects and/or consolidated programs to address each of the topics. The topics are focused on the same key areas that were addressed in the July 2012 R&D Forum, including: 1) Threat Prevention; 2) Leak Detection and Mitigation; 3) Anomaly Detection and Characterization; 4) Anomaly Repair and Remediation; and 5) Design, Materials, Welding-joining, and Valves. The Research Announcement indicates that PHMSA expects to provide up to $10 million of funding to support the projects and programs identified as being responsive to the announcement. Please click here to review the Research Announcement in its entirety.

In the announcement, PHMSA identifies 13 topics that have a resource sharing requirement with a cash commitment of 30% of the estimated funding level. The remaining 7 of the 20 topic areas listed in the announcement will be fully funded by PHMSA. PRCI is reviewing the Research Announcement and assessing those projects against the PRCI research programs and the R&D Roadmap to define where the synergies exist. Working with our R&D partners, PRCI expects to develop projects and consolidated programs that will form the basis for submitting White Papers in response to the Research Announcement. Parties interested in coordinating with PRCI should contact Mark Piazza, PRCI’s Director of Pipeline Programs.

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